Everything you need in one bag to deliver all coaching sessions and improve your coaching experience.

Within this set you will receive:

  • highly durable coaches bag
  • 2 x set of 10 different colour mesh bibs
  • coaches session planner
  • set of 50 small cone markers multi coloured (10x each colour)
  • high quality ball pump
  • set of 4m adjustable agility ladder
  • set of 20 large super domes x2 colours.
  • mini tactics board with magnets, white board marker and pens
  • Set of 8 flat rubber discs

Optional Extras:

  • Size 4 (orange) Size 5 (white) Pro training balls - $19.99 per ball
  • Mesh Bag - $35 for the bag
  • 10x Pro training balls in mesh ball bag - $235
  • Bought with the coaches bag - $200 (bag free) 

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