Mamba balls are perfect for all ages and surfaces.

The amazing Mamba Balls are now offered in Australia and there is still time to order for Christmas.

* Currently we are out of stock for the Yellow Mamba Ball, more stock is arriving soon check back to see availability. 

The mamba ball is available in size 4 and size 5, meaning players of all ages can train with it to improve their skills. It is FIFA regulation size and weight and is constructed using a premium 3-ply design. The ball has been tested at Sheffield University and is proven to be more reactive.

Due to the rubber skin the mamba ball is more durable than a regular football, making it ideal for training on all surfaces or playing matches on the streets.

Use the mamba ball to improve your core skills or even practice those tricks you’ve always dreamed of being able to do. Used by many panna players and freestylers, the mamba ball can help take your tricks and skills to the next level.

The mamba ball is all about football. The unique grip helps you develop your skills in the back garden, at the park and on the training pitch.


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