Playground Markings

MP Sports is a company invested in innovative sporting equipment to encourage children to learn and exercise though sporting activities.
At MP sports we can create playground markings which are perfect for schools. We can assist your school in transforming spaces to spark curiosity for learning, creativity and imagination. Inspire fitness through children’s imagination with a range of playground markings that challenge and develop key skills at every opportunity.

⁃ Create a great first impression
⁃ Brighten up your school playground
⁃ Are vibrant and colourful 
⁃ Transform playgrounds into a learning space
⁃ Improve literacy, numeracy and physical activity of the children


Our Thermoplastic Playground Markings are durable and last for many years while making a vibrant impression. Learn how it can work for you.

MP Sports creates a safe play area for kids that is non-slip, colourful and vibrant. Our thermoplastic playground markings can revitalise any asphalt and concrete area by transforming them into unique experiences which are ideal for:  

•    School Playgrounds
•    Daycare Playgrounds
•    Church Playgrounds
•    Park Playgrounds
We can create a custom design or game markings just for you.  

For a quote and information please contact Thang on +61 404 444 742 alternatively email