Boxing Day

December 26, 2015

Playing football on boxing day is very special occasion of course you have to look after yourself on Christmas day.

It is hard to back up and play with a stomach full of chicken and Christmas cake but most professional footballers have a light Christmas knowing they may have toplay very soon after.

It's not actually the food that is the problem it is being on your feet most of the day. See I have the twins, four year old twins and they keep me busy from sunrise to sunset so catching a bit of a rest during Christmas day is hard for me, but it is such a great day and I love Christmas so much seeing the smiles on my girls faces is what it's all about.

So I hope you all had a great Christmas day and I'd love to see you all in the stands down here in Sydney playing the Sydney Sky Blues looking to get a win.


Open Goaaal Launch

December 18, 2015

We are launching the Open Goaaal product in Australia on New Year's Eve at the Central Coast Mariners game v Wellington Phoenix. Come see us on the back field before the game and during half time.

Sunday arvo at the Stadium

December 18, 2015

It is the last weekend before Christmas and I know it is a busy time but I ask the people of the Central Cost to take some time out and come see us play Brisbane Roar.

Photo Shoot

December 10, 2015

On Monday we are shooting our first product shots and I am really looking forward to showing you all what the Open Goaal product looks and feels like. I am excited to see how it is received in Australia and NZ and we are taking pr-orders via email no.

Away to Perth

December 10, 2015

The away trip to Perth is one of the longest away trip in world football. See where I grew up we would only have to travel around the corner. The advantage is that Perth is a great city to visit, it is clean and the people are very friendly. We normally have to play in conditions that resemble a sauna and really takes it out of you after such a long plane trip.  It is always a hard away trip to get 3 points no matter where they are on the table but I am sure the boys are up for the fight. Monty