Llera Sport Skill Balla are now in Australia

Llera Sport Skill Ball is the best football training tool available for developing skill and technique and improving coordination, agility and touch. All at the same time!

It slides out of the way

leaving your garden free


Our customers tell us there are many more benefits too...

Happier neighbours! - healthier kids, off the xbox and back into the garden - $$$ saved in fence repairs and lost balls - a very significant increase in game time as the ball keeps rebounding - practicing on your own without getting bored - and dads love it; they can finally smash the ball!

Strong enough for a pro...

1.5mm steel poles; 45ply net; metal sockets and anchors; bungee to absorb the power.


Buy 2 and have a game with your mates in your own back yard!

Testimonials & Reviews


May 12, 2016

Rhys loves his rebound goal. He has used it everyday since we got it, it has stopped all balls over the fence and no more... Read More

Our new 'Rebound Goal' is a game changer

March 15, 2016

Our new 'Rebound Goal' is a game changer for our family. No more chasing after missed goals! The goal itself if sturdy and secure, but... Read More

Stoked about our Rebound Goal

January 02, 2016

"We are absolutely stoked about our Rebound Goal... My kids spend hours a day just pumping this thing and it doesn't budge. We love it, the... Read More

Narrow Back Yard

December 28, 2015

"We have a narrow grassed area in our backyard and the Rebound Goal fits perfectly. Over the years we have had a number of different... Read More